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About The Company

We believe in continuous learning and development to unfold our infinite potential!

We are a group of experienced management practitioners, facilitators, and certified coaches who had the privilege of development opportunities during our years in the corporate world. We are determined to deliver our best quality of programs to meet your organizational needs. We believe that no two organizations are the same, hence no exact two same programs are offered by us to our clients.


Our experienced facilitators and coaches have also been delivering trainings, coaching, and events under the flag of FPY Learning and Coaching (established in 2015).

About The Founder


Peiyin is passionate about people development. She believes that we all have a choice, we deserve to live a happy life, and we are naturally resourceful..

Peiyin grew up in a small town in Malaysia. Being second generation Chinese in Malaysia has laid a very meaningful and rich foundation in her life. Immersing herself in the corporate world for 20 years in several countries afforded her a lot of learning experience.


Her corporate experience spreads widely across business management, internal change consultant, and internal coach. 

All this have been a crucible out of which came the person Peiyin has become today - one who values respect and trust, and embrace diversity.

"I love what I do and I do what I love" is what gets Peiyin out of bed every morning. This naturally translates into abundance of energy and possibilities when working with people, in all coaching and workshop relationships.


Coach, Facilitator, Author

About Peiyin's book 

"STOP BLAMING. You can make things happen too" - a reminder to myself and all! 

I shared in my book how my upbringing has shaped me as I grew up, and how I eventually left the corporate world after swimming (and sinking at times) in it for almost 2 decades...

Know what you want and go for what you want!

(More about my journey of publishing this book is coming soon! Stay tuned!)

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